DJ, Booking Manager and Artists Relation at Kultura Zvuka

House, Deep Techno, Breakbeat, Electro, Trance

Olga is the daughter of an amateur multi-instrumentalist who played acoustic guitar and accordion concerts to his pregnant wife. Thus Olga literally had no choice but to connect with music early in her life.

She was inspired to further develop her passion/interest for electronic music and DJing through her work as an event manager as well as managing the connected DJ school at Kultura Zvuka. Working in a record store, becoming friends with musicians playing at the club as well as visiting music festivals further fueled her motivation.

Her music selection process is based on the “butterflies-in-the-stomach” principle, as she is a fan of minimalistic and weird sounds that seem to exist in a separate space. Udda sees the connection through music as a specific kind of dialogue, and she encloses a certain message in each of her sets. This message is formed by her personal experience and that of the audience at the current moment. Her music taste is constantly evolving: currently she’s drawn to groovy house and electro, some old school trance and low tempo IDM music.

She mostly plays at Kultura Zvuka Studiya — where she’s is also in charge of artists communications — and other locations in Kharkiv. She also had several gigs in the Kiev based club River Port and was invited to perform at the Under Festival 2019 in Riga, Latvia.